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Housing Environmental Materials Division

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Plastics products see increasing use as construction materials in various areas ranging from public sector works such as freeways to factories and schools to housing. Whether in view or behind the scenes, Takiron high-molecular technology is at work to offer greater comfort of all in urban and home environments.

Polycarbonate plate


Polycarbonate plate has the transparency of glass but has shock resistance that exceeds reinforced glass by a factor over 150. Its resistance to heat and cold is also exemplary. Takiron's high-performance polycarbonate plate was developed through proprietary plastics technology. This plate is ideal for use in general construction of buildings, landscape architecture and road construction.

New Rain Gutter System JET LINE


Jet line is an innovative rain gutter runoff capability system which has been upgraded by utilizing a "siphon phenomenon*."
The number of vertical gutters can be reduced to half or more than conventional systems (our company product), so as to eliminate excavation work for street inlets, thereby enabling significant cost reductions and minimizing influence to exterior design.

* Siphon phenomenon
To allow suction action to occur by subjecting the inside of a vertical gutter to be filled with water. Because water mass falls swiftly, this drastically increases runoff capability.

Drainage systems in residential areas PIPE INVERT/DRAINAGE CATCH BASIN


Small-caliber pipe inverts (rigid vinyl chloride) and polypropylene drainage catch basins (high-density foam molding) with sloping internal surface to ensure a smooth flow of water. They are fully qualified for use in various housing ranging from detached to collective housing.

Pressure-resistant drainage sheet GURI SHEET


To produce GURI SHEET, high-density polyethylene sheets are formed into specific shapes and then covered with non-woven filters. With its cross-section holding feature, this sheet is used as rear-side drainage material for retaining walls and horizontal drainage for embankments.

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