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The plate has wide varieties of the shape as straight-type, L-type, Y-type, C-type, box-type and so on. The thickness is 1.0 and 1.4mm.


The screw has two different applications of fixing the plate and individual use. The thread diameter is 2.0mm and the length is in the range of 4-16mm.


The mesh/sheet has the length in the range of 25-50mm and the thickness of 0.5 and 0.7mm.

Procedures to transform the OSTEOTRANS-MX miniplate

OSTEOTRANS-MX miniplates are bendable at room temperature without warming. When you want to bend miniplates to adjust the bone contour,please follow the below procedures and examples.

Usage methods (Surgical techniques)

OSTEOTRANS System may basically be used in the same way as metallic osteosynthesis device, but, as it's mechanical strength is inferior to metallic devices, caution should be exercised to avoid receiving unreasonable force. It is advisable to use the special Takiron surgical instruments (drill bit, tap, screwdriver, and countersink) which matches to the type and size of the product. Screws are not designed for self-tapping, so after drilling and cleaning/suctioning, tapping is required before insertion. Insert the screw only after thoroughly cleaning out the hole. To avoid screw head damage, insert the screw with the screwdriver, with downward axial-loading applied.

Specific usage procedure

1)Making a bone contour with a template
(a) Select the same shape and size of the template to the miniplate
(b) Place a template over the region of use and make the bone contours
2) Shaping miniplate
(a) Shape the miniplate slowly with a pair of custom-made forceps
(b) Adjust the bent curves to the contoured template
3) Plate fixation with screws
(a) Drill a guide hole with a custom-made drill bit to a depth about 1 mm shallower than the total screw length
(b) Carefully tap the screw hole with a custom-made tap to open it widen, then rinse out bone chips
(c) Hold a screw with a custom-made screwdriver and insert carefully to fix a plate onto the bone


  • Please use an emergency screw if adequate fixation cannot be obtained with a normal screw.
  • When a screw breaks, please drill and tap again and drive a new screw into the same hole.